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studio progress -- day 3

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Jul. 31st, 2006 | 08:15 pm
posted by: nicci in wearethetrio

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with the awesome help of Dani & abluemeanie, have made some serious progress on the studio. schweet. check it out! Dani & i spent 2 hours on it yesterday, and Dani + Jonathan and i spent about 4 hours on it today. that's 8 hours total cleaning in 3 days. 11 bins of keeper stuff and four 32 gallon trash cans & two 33 gallon trach cans later we have the above.

still some straightening to go. the stuff stacked on the desk is keeper stuff--mostly boxes and toolboxes and such. just have to re-organize what's left. i think i will need 2 more bins. well, 8 bins of stuff was a dream. so much for that. still, yay! progress! (and truth be told, 1 of those extra bins is just RP books anyway. so it doesn't count!)

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