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12 days to go...

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Aug. 20th, 2006 | 10:57 pm
posted by: nicci in wearethetrio

Studio - Packed Up

we had the going away cookout, which turned into a going away indoor stovetop cooking thing (no propane), and loads of people showed up. it was fun. i didn't know we could fit 14 whole people in the livingroom. =) of course i couldn't get hold of some people, but i hope to get together with them before we actually leave, in 12 days! eeeek.

the above picture is of the bins of stuff from my studio, which is going with me, though the studio still looks full. normal room full, instead of nicci lives here full. ;)

next weekend is the major packing push, in which we will really be packing up everything in sight, and trying to clear off furniture which is going. i guess i am driving down after all, instead of flying. never got round to buying a ticket, and i just didn't feel up to resolving the getting from the airport to the apartment. while it's not a long drive, i imagine it would be one expensive cab trip.

i can't quite tell if i'm excited or scared. i suspect it's both. => which is good. will post a pic or two from the par-tay if pennywhistle ever uploads em! i didn't think to take pictures during the shindig, except some for my new photo project. you would think i wasn't an obsessive documenter. i don't know what got into me yesterday...

it's like half of my brain detached from my body.

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